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New Details Surface About Samsung’s Purported Round Smartwatch

According to a newly discovered patent filing, it appears that Samsung is developing a completely round smartwatch of its own ….

         Samsung is widely considered as the initiator of the smart watch industry. They were the first to introduce the one of a kind smart watch in September 2013. Following the success of the first smart watch, the Galaxy Gear, they launched a whole line of smartwatches which included the Gear 2, Gear Neo, and lastly the Gear S.

           The Samsung Orbis aims towards taking the experience of wearable to a whole new level. The round watch would not only serve the purpose of a hand accessory as served by the previous smart watches. In fact, Orbis could be multi-purpose and may be used as a keychain, necklace, and an armband. People take pride in wearing these luxurious smart watches; therefore, the Orbis would also serve the purpose of being a luxurious item, given the features it would contain. To add to the joy of loyal Samsung customers, the camera which was eliminated from the Gear S would now be added back to the Orbis and may serve as an additional incentive for users to purchase this new item even before the launch.


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